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Host a Native English tutor at home and practice  family English at your own pace!


This is a cultural exchange program and not a different version of the Au Pair program; in Indeed, the tutor is not responsible for the care of your children (unless help with homework in English is included in the timetable).


The guardian is responsible for the maintenance of his room, his bathroom and participates, like any member of the family, in the tidying up of the common areas after use.

This program will allow you, not only to improve your linguistic practice, but also, by parallel to share your culture, your family life with a foreign person wishing to discover French culture and meet the French in a family setting.


The tutor is an adult, with at least a diploma equivalent to the Baccalaureate, who integrates into a family and provides 15 hours of conversation per week in English to the children or to the whole family.

The family must prepare a precise schedule and finish their language needs beforehand (exam preparation, refresher course, school presentation, vocabulary, etc.). During the day, the tutor has his free time to make visits and possibly take courses (French, sports gastronomy...).

The "native English" tutor comes from the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa.

On request: we have the possibility on request to offer this program with a German or Spanish tutor. Consult us.


As the host family of a language tutor, you provide a private bedroom (personal bathroom is also strongly recommended), meals, running linen and access to the amenities of the house (kitchen, washing machine). laundry ...).

No pocket money but a simple exchange of accommodation for conversation.


We offer tutors available for 1 to 3 months throughout the year. Arrivals are generally planned for the weekend to facilitate integration into the family and the living environment.  The host family is responsible for picking up their tutor at the airport and/or train station and accompanying them on the day of their departure.

The guardians have taken out insurance covering them for the duration of their stay in France before their arrival in France. However, we advise you to inform your insurance of the reception of your tutor at your home.

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