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We offer you the chance to spend between 3 and 12 months in Iceland in a value-added professional environment. You will live with and work with the Icelandic population, you will make new friends, learn a new language and above all you will challenge your ability to live in a new environment. Placements are made throughout the year with a peak between April and September for the hotel sector.


Most jobs are offered in the agricultural sector (farms) or in the hotel sector.


Work on the farm consists of caring for cattle and sheep, caring for cows, milking and feeding them all year round, herding sheep in the fall, assisting in the lambing of lambs in the spring and haymaking in the summer, gardening, helping with household chores, and even caring for farmers' children is often




Hospitality work may involve cooking, housekeeping, cooking, catering, maintenance work, reception, laundry, etc. Most internships require flexibility, i.e. accepting different tasks. Placements can be made in hotels/guest houses, country hotels, restaurants or cafeterias.


Some investments are made in both the agricultural and tourism sectors.



Internships take place all over Iceland, mainly in the countryside. No farms are located in isolated regions. It takes between five minutes to an hour drive to get to the next town.



Regular working hours are around 40 hours per week, with lunch breaks, coffee breaks and possible overtime, 1-2 days off per week with the possibility of accumulating days off to take longer vacations.


It should be noted that, on farms, working hours will be irregular.



Be between 18 and 30 years old ​​

 Be available between 3 and 12 months

 Have an intermediate or higher level in English (B2). For jobs in the tourism sector it is a plus to have a good command of other languages, such as German, French, Italian, Spanish.

 Having a driver's license is highly recommended

 Have a clean criminal record

 Be in good physical and mental health

 Be a non-smoker (preferably)

 Being non-vegetarian is a must in farming

 Being non-vegetarian is a must in farming

  A work experience of at least 1 year is essential; (this experience is not necessarily in the agriculture or tourism sector).

  Be able to provide 1-2 written references from previous employers


  • Agriculture: Min. 368,131 ISK before taxes plus paid holidays 10.17% before taxes.

  • Tourism: Salary min. per day hour, on weekdays 1,939.24 ISK plus paid holidays 10.17% before taxes.


The minimum monthly salary is approximately €1,500-1,550, after taxes and payment deductions for food and accommodation (it depends on the exchange rate, and it can also depend on the number of days worked per month.

Often participants do not pay for food and/or accommodation on the days they attend away from their internship). Everyone residing in Iceland is subject to income tax. Participants receive a personal tax number when they apply for an identity number and/or a residence permit.


  Flight to/from Iceland

  Bus ticket from the airport to the bus station and accommodation in Reykjavik (45 minutes)

  Travel costs to/from the course

  Medical, liability and travel insurance

Phone calls, internet access (free access is often available at work  if used modestly), and personal needs, toiletries, food, gifts, etc.

  Food and accommodation (see information below in the section on food and  accommodation)


In the agricultural sector, a room at the farmer's is the most common. In some farms, there is dedicated staff accommodation. Normally, the farmer provides food and lodging. There may be exceptions where the worker purchases and prepares their own meals. When food and accommodation are provided, the employee pays a maximum of 2669 ISK per day (approximately €18.50) in agriculture and 2500 ISK in tourism (approximately €17). In tourism, accommodation may be in the employer's house, in an apartment/house shared by staff or in a rented room.

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