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We offer student placements to take care of your children and take them to school in the morning, but also to come and pick them up during  school outings  until the parents return. During these slots, the person takes on the following responsibilities  : preparation of breakfasts, help the youngest to dress (if necessary), accompaniment to school,  preparation of snacks, accompaniment to activities close to home (activities requiring driving the children are excluded), monitoring of homework, washing and possibly the preparation and dinner of the children.


Requests can also relate to Wednesdays when the children are not in school.


We ask families to inform the people responsible for school entrances and exits of the civility of the person who will pick up the children.  by providing a certificate and a copy of the student's identity document.  In the case of students, we ask families to remain flexible on the fact that you can have several young people to ensure the same week, it depends on the timetables of the students which are generally final in October and may vary during the course of the week. year or internships.


The host family is the employer. As such, you pay the person in CESU, you benefit from tax advantages (depending on the age of your children) and help from the CAF. All information is available at  :

In the event of a change of schedule on the part of the family, the latter must inform the agency and the student at least 48 hours in advance.  ; in the event of non-compliance with this deadline, the hours are due to the student.


Students enrolled in higher establishments in the Saint-Germain-en-Laye sector.

The AIS agency makes the selection  young people by preliminary interview (checking childcare references and medical certificate).

The AIS agency provides follow-up during the year vis-à-vis the family and the student and sets up a "correspondence" between the family and the students.




On request we can find a student " English Speaker who will agree to accompany your children's English homework or speak English to them during the time devoted to childcare.


 In this case, an hourly increase of 20% will apply. These students are on the waiting list.



  The AIS agency is responsible for selecting students who meet the criteria (according to their schedule, general presentation, motivation, experiences)  ; the final choice rests with the Family, who will sign the contract with the student concerned and make the appropriate declarations (provided by the agency).


Families are committed to the agency for a period determined in advance at the time of signing the commitment (duration by quarters).


  In the event of cancellation of the request during the year, the fees paid to the agency remain due and may be postponed to a later period (agreement by mutual agreement depending on the situation).


The agency is bound by an obligation of means and cannot be held responsible in the event of moral or financial failure of the family or breach of its obligations. Consequently, the responsibility of the AIS agency cannot be engaged in the event of bad conduct on the part of the student, damages of any kind or delays in dispatch e.g. The family makes it their personal business to take out suitable insurance cover. The responsibility of AIS can in no way be sought or engaged for indirect or unforeseeable damages.


By signing and returning the registration form, I accept that the information entered will be used in the context of the resulting commercial relationship.


To request the withdrawal of the use of the data collected, please contact AIS  :

For any request for a registration file and pricing conditions  :

€11 net (including paid holidays)

Hourly wage

1 €3.5 (including paid holidays)


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